Racing Circuit Guide

Iizuka Circuit
Iizuka is the largest circuit at 370,000 square meters. This circuit is fun for the family with a park close by, and an exhibition space beside the main gate that displays Auto Race related history with a popular Auto Race related video rental service. It is also interesting to note that the Iizuka area used to be a coal miners town and was the main setting for Hiroyuki Itsuki's film Seishun no mon (The Gateway of Youth).
Address 1-4-7 Ooaza Namazuda, Iizuka-shi, Fukuoka
Tel 0948-22-6326
Access by train and bus Iizuka bus center, Shin Iizuka Station JR Chikuhou Line, Noogata Station, Gotoji Bus Center, Ride bus from Tagawaita Station JR Hitahiko Sansen Line
Access by car 30 mins from Wakamiya Interchange of the Kyushu Highway
25 mins from Babayama Interchange of the Northern Kyushu Expressway
(Parking Lot 6,455cars)
Access from Fukuoka Airport

By bus from Iizuka Bus Center Airport Bus Stop to Shin-Iizuka Station(1 hour)

By Subway from Fukuoka Airport Station to Hakata Station (10mins) --> Fukuhoku Yutaka Line, get off at Shin-Iizuka Station (Express train 40 mins)
*Free bus available at Shin-Iizuka Station Iizuka Bus Center

Circuit entry fee 100 yen
Reserved seating Reserved seating 500, 1000, 3000 yen