Purchasing a Betting Ticket

Types of Betting Tickets
Win bet on first place winner
Show bet on rider to finish either first, second, or third (if less than 7 riders then first and second)
Perfecta bet on first two finishers (rider/bracket number) in exact order
Quinella bet on first two finishers (rider/bracket number) and payoff is made no matter which rider is first or second
Trifecta bet on first three finishers (rider/bracket number) in exact order
Trifecta box bet on first, second, and third finishers and payoff is made no matter what order riders finish
Quinella place bet on two riders to finish either first, second, or third in no exact order
Eight rider eight bracket system
rider number the number shown on the back of the rider or on his or her motorcycle
Bracket number bracket numbers are color coded as in the following diagram
Choosing a rider
Find hints with trial run times
A trial run time can be a hint to figuring out the rider's current day conditions. Once you know the trial run times, compare it with each rider's handicap. If a rider with a lower handicap has a better trial run time than one with a higher handicap, then it is right to believe that the rider with the lower handicap has more potential in winning.
Check recent results
Find out the rider's recent race results and trial run times, and compare the times. Since it is natural that a rider has better times in the trial runs than in the actual races, it is important to not overestimate the rider's ability just knowing his or her test run time. In general, a 0.09 to 0.10 difference between the trial run time and actual race results is considered acceptable.
Be mindful of starting speed
It is easy for fast riders to lead a race by the first corner, even with a 10 handicap and by passing opponents from the outside. Make sure to refer to the racing forms where you will find double circle or triangle symbols, or the words "fast" or "slow" indicating the riderís starting speed.
Weather conditions can influence race results
On rain day races, it is especially important to take into account a rider's test run times and race results since these rainy days are when the rider's strong and weak points become the most obvious. Also, it is best to refer to the rain day test run time column's data on the racing forms.
Purchasing a betting ticket (Filling out a betting card)
Purchasing a betting ticket is known as "voting" and the sales window is called the "voting window." For voting, a betting card is used and these can be purchased at a rate starting from 100 yen at the voting window.
Claiming your winnings
Payoffs are made to winning betting tickets based on results posted on the tote board after the race. These winnings are to be claimed at the auto race circuit, a betting ticket sales booth outside the circuit, or an area assigned by the prefectural or municipal office. Winnings are only valid within a 60 day period.