Reading Racing Results

Race results can be found on the top page under Race Results. Select a race circuit and results will be listed in order.

1 Fin
Order finished from first to last
2 Bracket
Bracket numbers given to each rider in the race, which are displayed on their back and motorcycle. Colors are also used for the audience to easily distinguish each rider's bracket from afar.
3 rider
Name of rider participating in the race
4 Home Ground
Race circuit the rider is affiliated to.
5 Motorcycle
rider's motorcycle's nickname
6 Handicap

The larger the handicap number, the further back the rider's starting line is.

7 Trial Run
Time from test run around the circuit
8 Race
Time from actual race
9 ST
Indicates the reaction time or the difference in seconds between the start signal and when the rider starts off. For example, 27 implies that the rider started 27 seconds after.
10 Start
All foul play that occurred at the starting line is shown here such as early starts.