Reading the Race Program

The racing program is where you will find information on the day's race and participating riders. Links to each circuit's Racing Program pages can be found on the top page.

1 Race Details
Race circuit name, date, number, type, distance, start time
2 Bracket
Bracket numbers given to each rider in the race, which are displayed on their back and motorcycle. Colors are also used for the audience to easily distinguish each rider's bracket from afar.
3 rider
Name of rider participating in the race
4 Rank
Each rider's rank
(See About Auto Race for more details)
5 Home Ground
Race circuit the rider is affiliated to.
6 Rating

Motorcycle ratings such as 1 for 600CC or 2 for 500CC

7 Motorcycle
rider's motorcycle's nickname
8 Handicap
The larger the handicap number, the further back the rider's starting line is.
9 4 Recent Race Results
The four most recent race results. In this example, the rider finished third on February 27th's fifth race at Kawaguchi Circuit, with a 3.471 race and a 3.37 trial run time.